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Discover what our happy clients are saying!

My Girl Can See!
"I'm using these for a pet chicken. She'd had mildly cloudy eyes for years, but suddenly they got dramatically worse. She was hesitant to move around at all. She moved very slowly and still walked into things. If I offered treats in my hand, she could see my hand, but not the treat. We're 2 weeks in and she's moving around a lot more and snatches cashew pieces right out of my hand. She's happier. She was stress breathing and that's mostly stopped.The improvement is dramatic in just 2 weeks. Her vision isn't perfect, but it's continuing to improve.”  - L. Timmerman
It Works!
"I’m pretty amazed. About 1 week into 3x/Day drops and my 12 yr old doodle can see better. I know this because he no longer hesitates at the stairs. He is 110 lbs, so we were getting very nervous about his going up and down stairs (and so was he). He’d wait for us to walk with him, and still not want to go. We’d hold his collar for support. I think it was the sixth morning since starting this that he just walked right down our double staircase like it was nothing. Amazing.We have zero complaints with this product.”   - Mytakeonit
"As suspected this started working within a couple days used on a rabbit with cataracts Will purchase again thank you”  - Kimmy
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